I explore borders: cultural, linguistic, sexual, political - which separate us and prevent mutual understanding. I seek to traverse these borders, inviting for a hybridized world.


Sacrifice. Dramatize. I used to sacrifice myself. To raise the catharsis, to make the eyes open. But I placed layers of layers of covers on it. But it was so bare. I was so bare in my work. When I cut the hair I was so bare. When I waxed myself. When I was lying on the very cold ground.


The lines come out of paper. They become clothes lines, they become strings of hair. They shape and become binary-hangers. Or they become nerve cells.


I was so bare. All the covers and clothes. All the hairs. That cover me. I take them out. I face my bareness. The audience faces my bareness.


Power. Releasing of trapped motions. Releasing of trapped emotions. Trapped thoughts. Trapped shouts.


The space becomes important to me - the physical, the psychological, the sociological, the emotional space. I try to re-locate myself in the space. Create a new one. A powerful one. Put the audience in it. Me and the audience, we, ourselves, become the space.


Fear. Encountering them gives power. Fear of shouting out what is happening to us. As humans. To my country..


I want to do what I can’t do yet.