Jackman Humanities Institute

Our client Jackman Humanities Institute was looking for a UX solution for their website. They had received calls and emails from users not being able to find certain pages or contents on the website. JHI was aiming for re-developing their website and transforming it into a clean, accessible and coherent experience for their users.

Role UX Design . Visual Design . UX Research

The Problem 

Before the start of the development, our team examined the website, conducted interviews with users and designed surveys in order to reveal the main UX problem of the website. We verified that information architecture and navigation were two top issues affecting the efficiency of the user interface. 


The Solution

In an agile approach, we offered a transformed design for the homepage, proving the client with a User Experience Map for the first stage, and a medium fidelity prototype for the second stage of the project. The developers will implement the new design for redevelopment of the website on Drupal 8. 



Creating a UX Journey Map

Creating Personas

JHI Website User Persona.png

RealTimeBoard Collaboration

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