MetaMaps is a free and open source platform that supports real-time sense-making, distributed collaboration, and the creative intelligence of individuals.

Role   UX/UI Design Consultation

The Challenge

Display, function and navigation of permission status users with different relations to the maps and the topic cards.


The Solution

We identified three main categories of users of the topic cards. Each category needs certain display and functions for permission settings: 


-Topic creator : decides wether a topic card is for "view only" or can be "overridden" + wether they want the topic cards to follow the permission setting of the map automatically, or they want manually to set up the permission setting for specific topic cards


-Collaborator : Can override the topic cards but can't change the manual or automatic setting.


-Viewer : Their permission is set by the topic creator.


The initial design of the topic card was challenging in terms of including all the needed functions in the topic cards. 


We decided to use simple but accessible icons to distinguish between the two main functions of the permission settings. 


I also did some modifications on the overall design of the topic cards, so that all the needed functions would sit together in harmony and coherance. 

Design of topic card before the UX consultation

Design of topic card before the UX consultation




UX design for Topic Creator's permission settings on Topic Cards


Topic Card Design Before UX Consultation


Topic Card Design after UX implementation (1st stage)