Real People Perform Real People

Real People Perform(s) Real People - Artist Drawing Club: 5 x Paik . 2016 . Asian Art Museum . San Francisco

Happenings, and Forms of Gathering, Variable Dimensions, Directed by: Arash Fayez, Micro Performances directed and performed by: Pegah Vaezi, Mariel Elpboim and Afshin Saadat

The event was an homage to Nam June Paik and the five artists (see flyer) asked to create their own version of Paik's works. Arash Fayez proposed various versions of the project and they all received a NO. These institutions’ NOs made him think of Paik's time when art was happening in any circumstances, liability wasn't a major issue, artists found pleasure in creating works, and the public was open to unpredictable events. Collaboration was key. Long story short, it made Arash think of performing a mood, a feeling of that time and of Nam June Paik, rather than reenact a work by him. That led to his invitation to a number of artists/performers to join and hang out at the museum. We recorded ourselves with a camera [6:30-7:45PM] in a no edit/no cut style, and screened the footage [8-9PM] in the Samsung Hall. Some sound/music performance would happen simultaneously. We used all spaces of the museum as our stage. However, we also used a platform in form of an island in the corner of Samsung Hall as our stage, which would function as the artists' studio where the performances will be generated. The audience would walk around while artists were sitting/performing/hanging/talking/eating/drinking/etc.